WINH – World In Your Hands, your bridge between Italy, India, China, the Gulf and Sub-Saharan Africa.



Winh’s logo intend to represent the physical matching between a seal – symbol of quality and seriousness – and a circle, the essential representation of the world. This world becomes indeed day by day smaller and smaller, interconnected, overpopulated but not for these reasons more intelligible and simpler. It is quite the opposite…

This cocktail made of progress and proximity generates an impressive aggregate demand which requires cultural mediation, business vision and the appropriate operations to be captured. Winh has been incorporated in 2015, leveraging on its partner’s experience, for this purpose.





Asia constitutes and comprises about half of the world’s inhabitants and well-established economies, such as the Japanese and Korean ones as well as others that are growing rapidly such as India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand, etc. As well as the vibrant economies bordering the Middle East. Italy is mainly characterized by a solid fabric of SMEs, with consolidated experience in their own businesses and renowned technologies, skills and brands in various sectors: Manufacturing, Mechanical, Infrastructure, Transport, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Defense, Telecommunications and IT-Services, Hospitality, Fashion and consumer products.

On the other hand, the prevalence of small and medium-sized entrepreneurial realities is reflected in an extremely fragmented market. They are in a general scarcity of initiatives aimed at promotion, concentration and dimensional growth of the various industrial sectors in the foreign markets.

WINH therefore aims to concretely support Italian entrepreneurs who want to enter the Asian markets in a structured way, in particular the Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern market and conversely characterize themselves as a reference partner for Indian and Chinese companies who want to enter Italy through commercial activities or through partnerships, acquisitions, JVs, etc.


The African continent is undergoing a tremendous development and remains the richest territory in the world in natural resources. Currently Africa is being joined by vibrant economies, excellent local businesses led by a very competent and ambitious ruling class and a very young population actively and continuously growing local markets aimed at satisfying the needs of the growing new ruling class.

WINH, through the network of partners operating in the continent, addresses the markets of Sub-Saharan Africa (in particular Nigeria).