WINH – World In Your Hands, your bridge between Italy, India and China.



Winh’s logo intend to represent the physical matching between a seal – symbol of quality and seriousness – and a circle, the essential representation of the world. This world becomes indeed day by day smaller and smaller, interconnected, overpopulated but not for these reasons more intelligible and simpler. It is quite the opposite…

This cocktail made of progress and proximity generates an impressive aggregate demand which requires cultural mediation, business vision and the appropriate operations to be captured. Winh has been incorporated in 2015, leveraging on its partner’s experience, for this purpose.






Asia includes approximately half of the earth’s inhabitants (3.5 billions inhabitants) and very well consolidated economies, such as the Japanese and Korean, as well as others countries in a strong growth process: India and China are the most relevant ones, but also Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand, Bangladesh, etc. Italy, a G7 Country, is the second European manufacturing country, mainly characterized by a solid network of small and medium enterprises, operating as leaders in a large number of business and technology sectors: manufacturing, mechanical, engineering and construction, infrastructure, transportation, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, defence, telecommunications and IT services, food and beverage, tourism and hospitality, fashion and consumer goods.


Besides, the prevalence of small and medium sized family-owned companies leads to a highly fragmented market and a general lack of initiatives to promote the process of concentration and growth in size of the different industrial sectors and the internationalization of the business activity.


Therefore, Winh’s objective is to concretely support Italian entrepreneurs willing to enter specifically Indian and Chinese markets (approx 2.7 millions inhabitants) with a specific and structured methodology, and being seen as the player for Indian and Chinese companies interested in entering Italian markets through partnerships, joint ventures, acquisitions.