Our Business Model




Winh and its partners can handle the full range of activities ranging from analysis to actual construction of foreign direct investment (FDI) between companies and business enterprises resident in Italy and in the two largest Asian markets, Indian and Chinese. The strategic approach of Winh and its partners always starts from the identification of the strengths of their client and its true potential in the market of the clients interest, either through structuring business operations and business development through extraordinary transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and partnership, divestitures, spin-offs and restructuring.


Winh and its partners have strong experience gained over years of business and financial consulting and is therefore able to support customers in all phases ooffice by a strong entrepreneurial approach aimed at building a real relationship of trust. This is the essential factor for Winh – not an option , but necessary – for the success of any business activity.


WINH intends to offer its clients an effective approach towards the objectives set, and to preserve and enhance the perception of the brand and the values ​​associated with it. To accomplish this, WINH itself as an exclusive advisor for the market of interest, sets standards to achieve its clients objectives enabling the clinet to convey and properly manage the entire flow of transactions involving the combination customer / market.

Depending on the objectives of the client, the services provided by WINH may last several years. Nevertheless all the services and activities are followed in Italy and in the respective markets, by the team of WINH directly and by its partners.




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